Notre Dame International School offers educational opportunities based on those offered in the context of the local and global community to a student population, multilingual, multicultural, and heterogeneous. Educational activities are developed according to the following principles: peace, freedom, respect, solidarity, honesty, tolerance and justice.


Our mission is to provide an integral, holistic, multilingual, multicultural, international, Catholic-oriented,high quality education. Train young leaders with ethical and Christian values, internationally minded,sensitive and aware of the needs of mankind. Ensure academic excellence, strength and development of the vocations of our students through the implementation of international standards of the international Baccalaureate Programme in order to assure: the acceptance and success in the best universities worldwide, the achievement of a full life, and a powerful and meaningful contribution to society.


Notre Dame International School, as a World School (IBO), has the goal to become a national leader in international education, with moral values for life, with the purpose of forming leaders that contribute with their knowledge and efforts to the development of a more human world, and to the protection of the environment in a context ofmutual understanding and intercultural respect.

Our Educational Principles

Integral education

Notre Dame International School offers a holistic education by strengthening the intellectual, physical and spiritual development of its students with a lifelong learning attitude aimed at a diverse student population.


We believe that the basis of all intellectual knowledge is mainly human, so we strengthen day by day the attributes of our learning community: mutual respect, understanding, trust, and tolerance.

Inquisitive Thinking

We believe that the best stimulus or tool for intellectual understanding and acceptance of human beings is the promotion of inquisitive thinking and tolerance of different opinions.

Spiritual Development

Notre Dame International School encourages each student to reflect Christian values and apply them to their daily responsibilities with family, school, community and country.

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